Eco Trip Formentera

On this dreamy and transformative island we will gain new insights into wellness and healthy nutrition, with Mediterranean macrobiotic food workshops.


We organise authentic experiences on the wonderful island of Majorca, to connect you to the roots of the place and enjoy the tranquillity, an essential characteristic of the territory …

Peru and

On this trip you will have the fabulous opportunity to make a pilgrimage to some of the most sacred places of Peru and Bolivia, associated with magical powers of healing and mysticism.

Dominican Republic

When one recognises nature as medicine, the Dominican Republic, that offers authenticity and nature in its purest form, is a country one has to visit.

Sri Lanka and Maldives

A much-awaited trip for people who love meditation, followers of the Buddha and his teachings, and nature lovers. We will visit Sri Lanka, on the largest and most popular…

Digital detox in Italian Monastery

This is a unique place, and luxury is the word that best defines it: an unusual monastery where we will spend a few days of regeneration and relaxation, away from the bustle of everyday life…

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How can I help?

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