Dominican Republic

When one recognises nature as medicine, the Dominican Republic, that offers authenticity and nature in its purest form, is a country one has to visit.

This trip is about travelling away from mass tourism and plunging into the very heart of the country, hand in hand with the inhabitants of the place.  I always say: you do not truly know a country until you know the heart of those who live in it.

It’s an opportunity to go back in time and make contact with communities of women and farmers.

We will enjoy everything that this wonderful country has to offer us:

The experience of watching whales dancing with their calves, as they put on a show that is unique in this world, not to be missed.

Riding horses through forests irrigated by natural waterfalls and covered with an endless array of plants, near unspoiled beaches with the turquoise waters and white sands of the Caribbean.

Staying in designer bungalows set in an area of unparalleled natural beauty, making this the ideal trip for disconnecting, resting and enjoying everything that this country has to offer in its purest form.

And let’s not forget the practice of yoga to help us experience each moment in the present, and a healthy, local food, to fully savour the Dominican lifestyle.

This is a trip that will bring you closer to the authenticity of its people and their roots.

How can I help?

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How can I help?

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